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Sponsor a Child for Summer Camp

The TEDxAtlanta Community is working to bring a Summer of Possibility to the kids of the Boulevard corridor through summer-camp scholarships, internships and entrepreneurial mentoring.

Think back on your own life, to a time when someone gave you an experience that opened your eyes to new ideas, new opportunities, new ways of seeing the world. We want to give the kids of Boulevard that same experience. A summer of possibility. A summer that could usher in years of positive change for this historic neighborhood.

Our most immediate challenge is to raise the money needed to cover summer-camp tuition for the kids of Boulevard. It costs an average of $110 to send one child to camp for a week. Can you cover at least one week? Can you donate more?

Whatever you can put toward this effort, please move quickly. Our goal is to have scholarships in place for the kids of Boulevard when their school year ends mid-May.

Donate Now to Year of Boulevard

I'll sponsor a child for one week of camp ($110.00)
I'll sponsor a child for two weeks of camp ($220.00)
I'll sponsor a child for one month of camp ($440.00)
I'll sponsor a child for the summer ($880.00)
I'd like to contribute another amount.

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Student Story

Ahkeem Simpson

“I can't wait till school is out and I am also looking forward to summer camp.”

Raekwon Moffett

“Operation PEACE had been my home away from home.”

Ciera English

“Operation PEACE is amazing. They do stuff other after schools don’t do.”

Alexus Anderson

“This is something that I really look forward to during the summer time.”

Zazie Lumpkin

“Many teens do not get this opportunity and this made me very appreciative.”

Jalen Bodie

“I have also made some new friends since attending Operation PEACE.”

Sidney Beecroft

“I’ve had a lot of fun on those trips and have learned so much about my heritage and culture!!”

Keena English

“I will be sure to make a donation to Operation P.E.A.C.E.!”

Marcel Benoit

“I am ready for another year of fun and excitement, especially this year.”

Romello Pace

“I have been to Florida and Virginia Beach with Operation PEACE. We had an awesome time.”

Gracie Dunn

“The teachers are very helpful, and it is great having their support.”

Dwayne Holton, Jr.

“We have gone on several interesting trips while I have been attending the program.”