A Summer That Will Last a Lifetime

At the TEDxAtlanta conference on March 13, 2012, Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall presented a three-part challenge. As part of the Year of Boulevard initiative, he challenged the attendees to:

  1. Sponsor a child for summer camp
  2. Hire a child for a summer internship
  3. Help a young person start a business and become an entrepreneur

The response was immediate. TEDxAtlanta committed to raise $100,000 for summer camp scholarships, and formed task forces to focus on each of Hall’s three challenges. The result is a vision for a Summer of Possibility for the kids of the Boulevard corridor, a summer that could be the beginning of sustained positive change for this historic neighborhood. A summer that could ignite sparks of hope in the minds of hundreds of impoverished kids.

Summer Camp Scholarships

A week of camp for one child costs approximately $110. For $100,000 hundreds of Boulevard kids can have an indelible summer camp experience. This summer, kids will attend one of two camps, Operation P.E.A.C.E. and Camp Truly Living Well.

Operation P.E.A.C.E

Founded in 1995 by Edna Moffet, Operation P.E.A.C.E began as an effort to improve the lives of the children in the Old Fourth Ward community. The small, innovative after-school program expanded over the years to include a youth summer academy, adult computer and job search training, and seniors programs. The summer camp program is designed for academic support, personal growth and FUN

Camp Truly Living Well

At Camp Truly Living Well (TLW) youth ages 6-14 enjoy a unique experience at Atlanta's premiere urban farm near historic Auburn Avenue and the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Park. In addition to having loads of fun, children learn how to grow and enjoy healthy food, and the importance of caring for their environment.

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Student Story

Sidney Beecroft

“I’ve had a lot of fun on those trips and have learned so much about my heritage and culture!!”

Ahkeem Simpson

“I can't wait till school is out and I am also looking forward to summer camp.”

Romello Pace

“I have been to Florida and Virginia Beach with Operation PEACE. We had an awesome time.”

Raekwon Moffett

“Operation PEACE had been my home away from home.”

Alexus Anderson

“This is something that I really look forward to during the summer time.”

Ciera English

“Operation PEACE is amazing. They do stuff other after schools don’t do.”

Dwayne Holton, Jr.

“We have gone on several interesting trips while I have been attending the program.”

Marcel Benoit

“I am ready for another year of fun and excitement, especially this year.”

Jalen Bodie

“I have also made some new friends since attending Operation PEACE.”

Keena English

“I will be sure to make a donation to Operation P.E.A.C.E.!”

Zazie Lumpkin

“Many teens do not get this opportunity and this made me very appreciative.”

Gracie Dunn

“The teachers are very helpful, and it is great having their support.”