Gracie Dunn

“Operation PEACE has become a place where I feel safe and where there are adults who I know care about me.”

Hello my name is Gracie Zykeia Dunn. My family calls me Bunny. I attend the Intown Academy located here in the Old Fourth Ward. I am a 6th grader, who will soon be in the 7th grade.

My family and I moved to Boulevard Avenue last summer in July. I am a new comer to Operation PEACE, and I am still learning about the program. I’ve been here for about a month, maybe a little more, and so far everything is going great. I am enjoying hanging out with my friends in afterschool and doing homework together. The teachers are very helpful, and it is great having their support. I have one brother, a sister and a god brother. My brother who is younger than I am also attends Operation PEACE. My favorite sports are basketball and track. I enjoy playing these sports and attending school. My favorite subjects are Math and Science. Most of my friends say I am pretty smart and I guess I am.

Operation PEACE has become a place where I feel safe and where there are adults who I know care about me. They do a good job in providing childcare for our parents and making sure we are fed a healthy snack each day. We are always kept busy with games and activities. The homework assistance is great. When the teachers help me, I usually understand better. I also like the fact that the teacher allows us to speak our minds.

I have made many friends at Operation PEACE and the teen program and I am looking forward to being part of the summer program and all the other special activities they are planning for us, especially the Annual Heritage trip. I hear it is a lot of fun and you get to go places and learn new things.

My future plans are to attend college and study to become a veterinarian. I think that I will be good at the job, because I love pets. I would also like to study outside of this country so I could learn about other cultures.