Ciera English

“Operation PEACE is amazing. They do stuff other after schools don’t do.”

Hi! My name is Ciera English, and I attend Operation PEACE. I am a teen in the 6th grade at Intown Academy.

Operation PEACE is a fun and happy place to be. They have people from different kinds of schools to help with any work we need or anything. Sometimes we do fun things like Big Brother and Big Sister and contests like who has the best Christmas card. My teacher up stairs is Ms. Nita Jones. She has been my teacher since I was in A.G. Herndon Elementary School. She helps me a lot. Whatever we need, she will give it to us or she will help us.

Operation PEACE helps me out a lot. I love doing Big Brother and Big Sister. It is a fun way for little kids to talk to the older kids. Operation PEACE helped me because now I know how teachers feel when kids don’t do what they need to. I know how it feels to be a teacher, because of the Big Brother and Big Sister thing.

Operation PEACE is amazing. They do stuff other after schools don’t do. They give us more freedom to do stuff that the little kids don’t do. They try to take us on trips and do stuff on our own and have fun with just us. Helping others is what I like to do and one day it will pay off. I enjoy spending time at Operation PEACE and I just love it there.