The Boulevard Corridor

The Old Fourth Ward is one of Atlanta's most historic neighborhoods.

Student Story

Marcel Benoit

“It's also very exciting to know that I will be doing something I WANT to do instead of something I have to do.”

Romello Pace

“My advice to any one going to Operation PEACE is to make sure you don't act up or you will not be able to attend field trips.”

Sidney Beecroft

“My travels with Operation PEACE have taken me to the states of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and Jekyll Island, Georgia.”

Dwayne Holton, Jr.

“On these trips I have learned lessons about my heritage and many other things I didn't know and would not know if it wasn't for Operation PEACE.”

Raekwon Moffett

“Operation PEACE had been my home away from home. I do work there, I eat there, and I play there. What more could a guy ask for?”

Jalen Bodie

“I am very appreciative of Operation PEACE and what it does for my sister and me.”

Ahkeem Simpson

“So far I have made lots of friends and enjoy having a place to go to for homework assistance and to socialize with my friends.”

Zazie Lumpkin

“Even though I was not a part of Operation P.E.A.C.E. yet, the program provided volunteers who assisted me with my homework and help me gain a passion for learning and teaching others.”

Keena English

“Since coming to the after school program and getting help with my homework I am doing better in my subjects at school.”

Gracie Dunn

“Operation PEACE has become a place where I feel safe and where there are adults who I know care about me.”

Ciera English

“Operation PEACE is amazing. They do stuff other after schools don’t do.”

Alexus Anderson

“During the Summer time at Operation PEACE we have been to Virginia Beach, St. Augustine Florida and the American Beach.”

About Us

Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall declared 2012 the “Year of Boulevard,” committing to revitalize and re-inspire this once dynamic intown Atlanta neighborhood.

The TEDxAtlanta community has granted the Year of Boulevard a wish, pledging to make the summer of 2012 a “Summer of Possibility” for hundreds of young people in this impoverished corridor.


Year of Boulevard

In January, City Councilman Kwanza Hall declared 2012 the “Year of Boulevard.” Former editor-in-chief Rebecca Burns will file updates in print and online throughout the year.